Sümeyye CEYLAN

Sümeyye Ceylan was born in 1984 in İstanbul, Turkey. She graduated in Mathematics from the University of Vienna. She defended her master thesis in Fourier Analysis. She did a second master in Pedagogy of Islam at the University of Vienna. During her stay in Vienna, she took Astronomy courses from Kuffner Observatory in Vienna. In 2013 She enrolled in Philosophy PhD at the Department of Philosophy, Istanbul Medeniyet University. Her main academic interests are philosophy of mathematics, logic, history of mathematics, history of logic, science-steam education, social entrepreneurship. After finishing her studies in Vienna, she returned her homeland Turkey in 2012. There was a growing urge inside of her to do something to change the way education system in Turkey works. She wanted to create a more child friendly, child and imagination driven education methodology. Therefore she established Usturlab Atölye, a company which produces contents, plays, toys, games for children to learn and love science. She is married with Farouk Ceylan and has two sons, Mehmet Selim(8) and Ahmet Arif (14 months).