Prof. Recep ŞENTÜRK

Professor, President , Ibn Haldun University

Prof. Şentürk completed his undergraduate education in the Faculty of Theology at Marmara University (1986). Then he did his postgraduate degree in Sociology in the Faculty of Letters at Istanbul University (1988) . He pursued his PhD in Sociology at Columbia University, New York (1998). Between 1998 and 2007 he was researcher at the Center for Islamic Studies (İSAM). He has been the director of the Alliance of Civilizations Institute (ACI) since it was founded. In addition, he has been the general coordinator of the Istanbul Research and Education Association (İSAR) in Istanbul for seven years (2009-2016). Currently, he is the president of Ibn Khaldun University (IHU) in Istanbul. He did research on human rights as a visiting scholar in the Faculty of Law at Emory University, Atlanta (2002-2003). He continued his research on human rights as a guest of the British Academy in the Faculty of Social Sciences and Law at Oxford Brookes University, and he lectured on the same topic in various universities in the UK (2005).