Muslim Outreach Director , GreenFaith

Nana Firman is a native Indonesian who has re-located to the United States and currently works as a Muslim Outreach Director for GreenFaith, an international multi-faith partnership in environmental actions. Nana has over a decade of experience working with awareness-raising on current environmental issues and climate crisis, advocating urban sustainability for a better future and developing green economy concepts and strategies. She previously worked with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in Indonesia, directing the Green Recovery efforts in the wake of earthquake and tsunami, and also engaged with Muslim leaders to create climate resiliency plans. She organized Islamic Declaration on Global Climate Change and later co-founded the Global Muslim Climate Network, which calls to all Muslim nations to transition from fossil-fuel to clean-energy based development. She was named as the White House Champion of Change for Climate Faith Leaders by President Barrack Obama. Nana is a passionate agent of change in bringing constructive positive solutions for the betterment of humanity. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design from University of Bridgeport, Connecticut, and a Master of Science in Urban Design from Pratt Institute, New York.