Prof. Mahmut Erol KILIÇ

Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to Indonesia

Ambassador Kılıç was born in Istanbul on 02 June 1961. He studied at the Faculty of Political Science of the Istanbul University. He wrote his master’s thesis “Hermes and Hermetic Thought in the light of Islamic Sources,” (Published) at the Department of Islamic Philosophy of Marmara University where he became an assistant in 1988. After the establishment of “Department of Sufism” at the Turkish Universities in 1993, his thesis “Existence and its Stages in Ibn Arabi’s Thought”, which is considered the first PhD thesis in this department, was also published. His articles in Turkish and foreign languages have been published in several encyclopedias and journals. He has written 16 books. He has presented scientific papers at national and international conferences, attended radio and television programs. Ambassador Kılıç speaks English, Arabic, Persian and French.